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About the Bioenergy Roadmap
In 2015 the South Australian Government undertook a Bioenergy Roadmap for the State. It outlines the opportunity biomass presents to businesses to achieve economic growth. While the industry was worth approximately $0.5B to Australia at the time of the study, the potential for significant growth was considered high.

Bioenergy can reduce a business’ cost of doing business, reduce carbon emissions and produce secondary income streams.

Following the 2015 study, the Government of South Australia established the Bioenergy Roadmap Program. The Program is administered by RDALC and helps businesses and industry groups to identify and develop bioenergy projects.
The Bioenergy Connect Program
To assist in accelerating development of bioenergy projects in South Australia, a prefeasibility fund (Bioenergy Connect) was established. It is open to businesses operating in the state and is aimed at enabling the development of bioenergy infrastructure projects across the state.

Bioenergy Connect, is a $22,500 program.

Through Bioenergy Connect, successful applicants are allocated a bioenergy mentor to guide them through the conceptual stage of developing a project and help estimate the benefits of the bioenergy technology to the business. The resultant pre-feasibility report will define the value proposition for the applicant.

To date, the Program has supported 31 pre-feasibility studies across the state, with a further 6 progressing to full feasibility.

To complement the program and to encourage other local businesses to think about their own bioenergy potential, RDALC has developed the “Realising Our Biomass Potential” video. Watch the video here to learn more about how your business can capitalise by using bioenergy.
To discuss your project idea, or to talk about Bioenergy opportunities in the Limestone Coast, please contact:

Lauren Oxlade
Manager, Investment Attraction and Infrastructure
Phone: (08) 8723 1057
To learn more about the Bioenergy Connect Program:
Bioenergy Connect Program Flyer
Bioenergy Connect Program Guidelines

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