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Employer of choice

Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast (RDALC) are delivering the Region Ready pilot project across our region thanks to funding from the Government of South Australia. A key focus of this project is our new Employer of Choice program. 
Employer of Choice - What Is It?
In simple terms ‘employer of choice’ describes a business or organisation that people actively choose to work at. Employees join and stay with these businesses because they offer more and provide more than others, and they stand out from the crowd – people genuinely think these businesses, or organisations are a ‘great place to work’.

‘Offering more’ and ‘providing more’ is not about bigger pay packets and free soft drinks in the fridge (although, these are good). Being an employer of choice means that your workplace offers more and provides more in an almost magic combination of tangible and intangible benefits to your employees. 

In a globally competitive market, we want businesses and organisations in the Limestone Coast to become employers of choice, and we want to help you get there. 

RDALC have developed an employer of choice framework built around what we think are the things that make businesses stand out from the crowd - we are calling these the 5 Pillars. 

Employers of choice have: 
- Quality leadership and a great workplace culture
- Well organised operations (such as strategic and operational plans, policies and procedures)
- Well supported and developed employees
- Inclusive workplaces with a focus on care 
- Well recruited, rewarded and retained employees

We will be delivering workshop in late March unpacking the 5 Pillars, helping you in your journey as an employer of choice. 

Over the coming weeks we will be adding more information to this webpage, including the Employer of Choice Toolkit for you to use.

If you are interested in participating in the Employer of Choice workshop in late March, please contact Rebecca on (08) 8723 1057 or via email at rebecca@rdalc.org.au

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